James K. & Alice Orcutt

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James K. ORCUTT & Alice A. ELLS

James K. ORCUTT son of Caleb and Helen HALL - ORCUTT married Alice Arvilla ELLS daughter of James W. and Sarah Ann SQUIER -  ELLS  on 1 September 1867 in Dodge County, MN.

James K. & Blanche  ORCUTT                                                                                      Four Generations

 (Blanche was the grand-daughter of James K)                                   Orabelle VORCE, K. Douglas RUDE, Alice ORCUTT

                                                                                                                   Standing:  Grace RUDE

James K. & Alice ORCUTT  were the parents of Orabelle, Iva, and Clifford Earl.  They lived in Dodge County and Aitkin, MN. throughout their lives.  James K. worked as a farm laborer and Alice was a homemaker. At times, the ORCUTT'S had a housekeeper who with her family  lived with them on their farm.

James K. and his brother John H. enlisted in The Minnesota First Regiment Of Heavy Artillery on September 22, 1864. James K. was 21 at the time and John H. was 19.  This military unit fought in the Civil War.  James K. was promoted to a Corporal on April 12, 1865. He was then mustered out on June 17, 1865.  James K. also had a brother Joseph who fought in the Minnesota Infantry Branch,  Company C, Regiment 2.  Joseph was wounded and captured at Kenesaw Mountain, GA and held as a POW at the Andersonville Prison Camp.  Joseph later died at Andersonville Prison on September 10, 1864. ( Info on Andersonville POW'S at  http://www.corinthian.net/mccc/plookup.htm )

James K. and Alice loved spending time with their grandchildren.  Their are many family pictures which show three and four generations of ORCUTT  families all together.

  James K. ORCUTT, Alice ORCUTT, Clifford Earl ORCUTT at their cabin in Minnesota

(Take Notice At The Saw That Clifford Earl Is Holding.)


Pictured Left- Right:  Clark V. RUDE (Baby), Orabelle ORCUTT -VORCE, Grace VORCE- RUDE, K. Douglas RUDE, Alice ELLS - ORCUTT, and James K. ORCUTT.

(Picture Taken About 1919 in Minnesota)