Gaddis Ancestry

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Alexander GEDDES or GADDIS / ?

Born:  ABT 1600

Married:  Unknown Name and Date

Died:  Unknown Date


1.  Alexander Jr.       B: 1 Aug 1624 in Elgin, Moray, Scotland        D:  Unknown Date

+ M:  Janet HAMULTOUNE on Unknown Date      B:  Unknown Date        D: Unknown Date




Born:  1 Aug 1624 in Elgin, Moray, Scotland

Married:  Janet HAMULTOUNE on Unknown Date

Died:   Unknown Date


1.  James         B:  5 Sep 1668  Elgin, Moray, Scotland      D:  Unknown Date

+ M:  Margaret JACKSON on Unknown Date      B: 23 Jul 1670  Old Machiar, Aberdeen, Scotland        D: Unknown Date



James GADDIS / Margaret JACKSON

Born:  5 Sep 1668 in Elgin, Moray, Scotland

Married:  Margaret JACKSON on Unknown Date

Died:  Unknown Date


1.  William       B: ABT 1715 in Donegal Co, Ireland            D: ABT 1773 in Hampshire Co, VA

+ M:  Priscilla BOWEN on Unknown Date       B: (Unknown Date)        D: (Unknown Date)



William GADDIS / Priscilla BOWEN

Born:  ABT 1715 in Donegal Co., Ireland

Married:  Priscilla BOWEN on Unknown Date

Died: ABT 1773 in Hampshire Co, VA

Buried in Bear Garden Mountain Cemetery


1.  Priscilla      B: (Unknown date) Hampshire Co, VA      D: (Unknown Date)

+ M: Abraham LUCAS  on Unknown Date

2.  John           B: 7 Oct 1741 Frederick Co.,  VA                 D: 12 Apr 1827  Fayette Co., PA

+ M: Sarah JENKINS on Unknown Date         B: 19 Feb 1750/51        D: 7 Jan 1802  Fayette Co, PA

3.  Thomas     B: 28 Dec 1744  Frederick Co., VA             D: 10 Jun 1834  Union Twp, Clinton Co, OH

+ M: Hannah RICE  on Unknown Date            B: 14 Nov 1747  MD     D: 7 Feb 1835  Union Twp, Clinton Co, OH

4.  Anna          B:  ABT 1747  Frederick Co., VA                 D:  ABT 1778  Fayette Co., PA

+ M: Levi SPRINGER  on Unknown Date      B: 4 May 1744 Burlington Co, NJ     D: 23 Mar 1823  Fayette Co, PA

5.  Robert       B: ABT 1749 Frederick Co., VA                    D: 7 Feb 1834  Fayette Co., PA

+ M:  Sarah MURPHY on Unknown Date      B:  ABT 1755                 D:  25 Dec 1848  Fayette Co., PA

6.  Henry         B: Dec 1753  Hampshire Co, VA                 D:  AFT 1833  Tuscarawas Twp, Stark Co, OH

+ M:  Anna LANDIS on Unknown Date          B: Unknown Date          D:  BEF 1840

7.  William       B: ABT 1754 Hampshire Co, VA                  D: ABT 1777  Fort Sullivan, SC

8.  Rees            B: ABT 1755  Hampshire Co, VA                D: BEF 1820  Campbell Co, KY




Born:  ABT 1747

Married:  Levi SPRINGER  on (Unknown Date)


Died: ABT 1778 in Fayette Co, PA


1.  Abner        B:  27 Mar 1767  Apple Pie Ridge, VA      D:  4 Mar 1846 in Fayette Co, PA

+ M:  Elizabeth VANCE  on Unknown Date       B: (Unknown Date)      D:  (Unknown Date)

2.  Druscilla    B: 30 Nov 1769  Apple Pie Ridge, VA     D: 27 Jul 1843 in Fayette Co., PA

+ M:  Jonathan DOWNER on Unknown Date    B: 30 Nov 1759           D: 8 Aug 1823 in Fayette Co, PA

3.  Zadoc         B: 14 Aug 1770 in Uniontown, PA          D: 10 May 1844 in Fayette Co, PA

+ M:  Eleanor Mc Intyre on Unknown Date        B: (Unknown Date)       D: (Unknown Date)

4.  William       B: ABT 1773 in Uniontown, PA               D: 26 Feb 1823 in Fairfield Co., OH

+ M: Jane VANCE on Unknown Date                B: (Unknown Date)      D: (Unknown Date)

5.  Ruth           B: ABT 1774 in Uniontown, PA               D: (Unknown Date) in Fairfield Co., OH

+ M: Jonathan LYNCH on Unknown Date          B: (Unknown Date)      D: (Unknown Date)

6.  Levi Jr.      B: 14 Aug 1777 in Uniontown, PA          D: 14 Feb 1862 in Fayette Co., PA

+ M: Catherine TODD on Unknown Date          B: (Unknown Date)      D: 1 Mar 1857 in Fayette Co., PA