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Magnus Rude & Grace Vorce Rude

Magnus Rude son of Christian & Petra Rude married Grace Blanche Vorce daughter of Charles C. Vorce & Orabelle Vorce on June 20th, 1912 in Aitkin, MN   

                        Magnus Rude                        Grace Vorce               *Postcard - Sept. 13, 1918


Magnus and Grace Rude had two sons their eldest being K. Douglas.  Grace gave birth to their second son, Clark V., five months after Magnus died.  Magnus cut his finger in a factory where he worked. They had to amputate his finger.  He developed blood poisoning and died on  September 21, 1918; eight days after Grace wrote this postcard to her parents.


* Postcard above reads:  Sept. 13, 1918  Dear folks at home.  Have looked long for a letter. M. (Magnus) got his hand hurt at the factory a week ago and they had to amputate his first finger.     He has been up to the hospital since Tues. and it had been lonesome for D. (K. Douglas) and I.  We are going to get him today if he feels able to come home. - Grace  

(Postcard from Judy L. Riffe)