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Sigrid "Edward", Magnus, John Rude

(Pictured Left to Right - John Rude is a cousin of S. "Edward" & Magnus)

Sigrid "Edward" Rude was the eldest son of Christian & Petra Rude.  Sigrid "Edward" was born Sigvart Kristianson on the 27th June 1875 in Gulbrandsdahlen, Norway.  He changed his name to Sigrid "Edward" Rude when he emigrated to the United States with his family in 1890.   Sigrid "Edward never married and had no children.  He helped raise Albert Rude (not a blood relative) with his sister Carrie after his parents passed away.  Sigrid "Edward" Rude became very depressed after his parents died.  Due to this severe depression he spent many years in the Fergus Falls State Mental Hospital in MN where he later died on 7 Jan 1952.


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