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Gustav  VILLNOW & Caren (Karin) RUDE

Gustav VILLNOW son of August VILLNOW & Wilhelmina ELLING-VILLNOW  married Caren (Karin) RUDE daughter of Christian & Petra RUD on 24 Jun 1915 in Dorris, MN..

Gustav & Caren (Karin) VILLNOW were the parents of four sons: two of which died as infants.


Karen RUDE VILLNOW told me of seeing the little baby in a small wooden box which her farther Christian had made for the baby.  As it was winter, the ground was frozen to hard for burial.  They kept the baby in an upstairs room which wasn't heated and buried him on the farm in the spring.  Carrie RUDE ERICKSON said that he looked like a sleeping doll.  < Memory shared by  Edith ( Daughter in-law to Karen RUDE VILLNOW) >


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